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Please review our updated Pass and Badge info carefully.


Due to the pandemic, we have limited seating, fewer venues and numerous protocols to follow for our in-person events and screenings. We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to work to make this year's fest as fun and safe as possible.


Passes and Badges Overview


Each Feature Film receives two (2) VIP All Access Passes 


Each short, student and Web/TV receives one (1) VIP All Access Pass. 


Filmmakers who wish to attend the festival virtually will receive a unique code that will be linked to the information you give us in the form.


Passes are not transferable.


Badges for In-Person attendees:


Your badge will be available for pick up at our filmmaker table at the Riverfront Atrium.


Badges are for a representative who is intimately involved with the making of your film playing in this year’s festival i.e. the director, editor, composer, etc. They are meant to identify the holder to our audience and press as a representative of the film. Badges are not transferable.


In-person passes will allow you access to all screenings, events, filmmaker lounge, workshops and parties (excluding our Feeding Westchester fundraiser reception on 11.21).


All filmmakers attending in- person still need to reserve a seat on Eventive for any of the films they wish to attend in-person. Due to COVID safety regulations, seating is limited this year and is space permitting.


Please be respectful of your fellow filmmakers and our audience and only RSVP to the screenings you are sure you can attend so you’re not holding onto a seat someone else can use. 


More than one no show will result in cancellation of all future in person reservations.


Reservations will be released 15 minutes before the screening for all empty seats.


Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any special requests regarding passes or badges.


Abuse or misconduct could result in revoking of the pass/badge and in extreme cases can result in pulling the film from the festival. 

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