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Bring your coffee and business cards to this fun networking session where you get to talk to someone new every 5 minutes! It’s like speed dating, but without the dating.


The entertainment industry is full of pitching. You pitch ideas, you pitch attachments, you pitch strategies; but the most important thing to learn to pitch is you. This interac- tive workshop is all about learning to pitch yourself to make the strongest connection. What makes a successful pitch? What are the pitfalls to avoid at all cost? How can you master the art of pitching with your own style, personality and brand? This workshop will give you the agent’s top 10 tips for pitching with conviction and results. Tips on how to prepare, read the person you are pitching, engage, anticipate every question, and fol- low up. It’s presented by Jim Arnoff, a Television Packaging Agent representing New York production companies in developing and selling original programming to the networks and new media. Jim worked at the William Morris Agency as both an in-house lawyer and packaging agent. He leads workshops for the Producers Guild of America, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Writers Guild of America/East, HBO, TimeWarner, New York Women in Film & Television, Time, Inc., NYU Career Services/Alumni Relations and MTV Networks. Jim is a faculty member of the School of Visual Arts, FIT and NYU.

What does it take to be a successful, award-winning producer who started below-the- line and worked his way to produce a lot of successful films and television? Find out in this candid conversation with producer G. Mac Brown! Hear how he got to where he is today and the lessons he learned along the way. Mr. Brown’s producing credits include Martin Scorsese’s Oscar winner The Departed, the Al Pacino-starring Scent Of A Woman, Sydney Pollack’s The Interpreter, Michael Mann’s Public Enemies ( Johnny Depp), Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, Ted Melfi’s St. Vincent (Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy) and the Ben Stiller-starrer The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, Recently, he’s done The Dark Tower (Matt McConaughey, Idris Elba) and The Upside (Bryan Crans- ton, Kevin Hart & Nicole Kidman) He is currently on season 3 of Showtime’s Billions.


Former co-chair of UCLA’s screenwriting program, Hal has sold original material to all the major studios and networks and is the author of “Write Screenplays That Sell: The Acker- man Way”. He’ll talk about the art of story structure, substance, and style, while offering a treasure trove of information on the writing of quality, saleable screenplays.


The The Emmy Award nominated Ian Gelfand began his career as a stand-up comic, appearing on A&E’s Caroline’s Comedy Hour, and then working as a writer at Comedy Central and directing and producing for MTV, VH1 and NBC. He then went on to direct an award-winning short film that premiered at the Cannes Film festival and went on to screen at over twenty of the most prestigious festivals around the globe. He went on to be the Executive Producer of some of the top unscripted television shows, including Duck Dynasty, Alaskan Bush People, Love & Hip Hop, and American Pickers. Join us for a casual conversation about what he’s learned from his successes in these different for- mats and what advice he’d give people who are interested in working in any of them.

With 20 years of marketing and ad agency experience, Laurie DeRuntz has spent her ca- reer working to develop successful marketing programs for big brands, but she has found that social media is the one vehicle that all companies can be successful at, regardless of their size and budget. Whether you’re just getting started with social media marketing, or you’re an experienced marketer, there’s always something new to learn. What does
it take to be successful on social media? How to measure success? What, when, where, and how often should I post? She’ll cover some practical tactics, tools and tricks for Face- book, Twitter and Instagram to help you promote your project or grow your personal


Tom Ryan is a re-recording mixer and the Head Audio Engineer at Parabolic in New York City. With credits on over 200 projects, he has worked as an editor and mixer for all types of film and television. Find out the top things you must do (and must try to avoid) to help you next project save money and sound its best.


$15 Kicks (Dir: Jenn Shaw (12min, USA) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @2pm
In 2006, NBA star Stephon Marbury endorsed a low-cost sneaker called the Starbury to keep kids from “killin over sneakers.”


4 to 5 (Dir: Craig Knowles, 5min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am
On the eve of his 5th birthday, a young boy discusses his last day of being 4 years old.


555-SEXY (Dir: David B Jacobs, 16min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @10am
An absurdist dark comedy about a dysfunctional middle-aged couple who both engage in extramarital affairs on the same night.


A People’s Perspective of Westchester County (Dir: Danylo Korotin, 12min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @10am
This short documentary attempts to tackle the predispositions that Westchester County is all cozy middle-class suburbia.


A Sibling Mystery (Dir: Rachel Wortell & Dan Ericsson, 80min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Tue 11.7 @8pm
A brother and sister become consumed with investigating a mysterious woman they suspect has stolen their winning lottery ticket.


A Time To Remember (Dir: Holly Villaire, 16min, USA) - DMAC, Mon 11.6 @7pm A poetic remembrance inspired by the true love story of a young British woman and a young American paratrooper during WWII.

Addicted (Dir: Michael Scarnati, 14min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @7pm
A father who is dealing with his own demons becomes suspicious that his son is hiding something from him.


Adulthood (Dir: Rob Alicea, 24min, USA) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @4pm
Four best friends living in New York City band together to take on man’s greatest chal- lenge: their 30s.


Alfred J Hemlock (Dir: Edward Lyons, 14min, Australia) - DMAC, Tue 11.7 @6:30pm When Emily’s boyfriend abandons her, her only way home is through an alley where she meets the mysterious entity Alfred J Hemlock.


And Still We Love (Dir: Erika Santosuosso, 8min, USA) - DMAC, Sun 11.5 @2pm Amidst a tumultuous political climate, a couple fights to find the beauty in the face of an indefinite separation.


And the Earth Will Be Lost To The Flames (Dir: Adam Bertocci, 5min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Wed 11.8 @6:30pm
The end is nigh. But until then, there’s work to do.


Angie: Her Story Is History (Dir: Stephanie Schleicher, 25min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @11am
Angie, the “Historian of Yonkers,” takes us on a tour of some of her favorite places.


Arrested (Again) (Dir: Dan Goldes, 5Min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @4pm The moving story of what drives activist Karen Topakian to be arrested dozens of times for using nonviolent civil disobedience.


Ayesha (Dir: Ambarien Alqadar, 19min, India) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @10am Ayesha’s weekend plans take an unexpected turn when her father encounters a US vet- eran suffering from post traumatic stress.


Based On A True Story (Dir: Matt Raimo, 24min, USA) - DMAC, Wed 11.8 @8pm Three idiots have two days to rob one bank. What could possibly go wrong?


Blonde Amy (Dir: Genaro Dominguez, 7min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @7pm An introvert let’s his imagination run wild as he fantasizes about the love of his life.


Boat, Waves and Halfmoon (Dir: Teresa Bonner, 3min, USA) DMAC, Mon11.6@7pm This documentary shows the creation of one section of a large outdoor mural in Yonkers.


Bruce Loves You (Dir: Darin Quan, 9min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @2pm A ghost cheats on his girlfriend with her best friend and roommate.


Burn The Plan (Dir: Matthew Barnett, 12min, Canada) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @4pm

In May of 2014, a camera followed the Good Lovelies as they began the process of mak- ing their fourth full-length studio album.


Cal & V (Dir: Timothy Offor, 13min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am
Cal & V are two lovers stuck at a crossroads until Cal places his successful movie career on the line to try and win Vanessa back.


Charcoal (Dir: Francesca Andre, 5Min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @4pm
The parallel stories of two black women and their lifelong journey to overcome internal- ized colorist and find self-acceptance.


Charming (Dir: Tom Albanese, 15min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am Prince Charming recounts his disastrous search for true love in a reimagining of classic fairytales with a contemporary touch.


Class (Dir: Reza Golchin, 2min, Iran) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am
The story of a cuckoo bird who was cursed by a bad witch who tried to save a doomed snail.


Clock And Snail (Dir: Fan Zhang, 3min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am
The story of a cuckoo bird who was cursed by a bad witch who tried to save a doomed snail.


Coach Jake (Dir: Ian Phillips, 82min, USA) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @2pm
At 70 years old, Martin “Coach Jake” Jacobson is the most winning high-school soccer coach in New York City history.


Concrete And Crashpads: Stunts In New York (Dir: Stephen Koepfer, 30min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @4pm
A glimpse into the invisible world of New York’s booming stunt community and the life of stunt performers.


Concurrence (Dir: Tom Cassese, 5min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @10am
In the final moments before an apocalyptic catastrophe, six people come to terms with their impending doom.


Coney Island Dreaming (Dir: Vagabond, 9min, USA) - DMAC, Wed 11.8 @6:30pm
A young girl finds some money in an alleyway and goes out to have a good time, at least until the money runs out .


Cooking With Love (Dir: Sukunya Wangsomnuk, 40min, USA) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @11:30am
Four Thai women into their humble kitchens share fond memories and how cooking from the heart can bond a family together.


Cranberry Lake (Dir: Zoya Baker, 17min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am Forest ecology students lead us through the immersive learning experience at a remote research station in the Adirondacks.


Danni (Dir: Peter Jensen, 25 min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @7pm
A journey that explores relationship addiction and seeks to find out at what cost does one become “clean” - or not


Demon Days (Dir: Nick Gulino, 15min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @4pm
Sean ‘Demon Dion’ Kelly, a 50 something ex-con found black metal in prison and has since pursued his destiny to become a drummer.


Desde El Principio (Dir: Miguel J. Soliman, 10min, USA) - DMAC, Sat 11.4 @10am In the darkness of a soundproof recording studio, a conversation sparks between two voice actors dealing with a shared tragedy.


Distant Apologies (Dir: D. Schmüdde, 3min, USA) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @4pm Super 8 footage is mixed with gorgeous NASA archival to evoke feelings of distance and disconnectedness.


Duane Eubanks (Dir: Kal Toth, 3min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Fri 11.3 @7:30pm
An intimate snapshot in the world of Duane Eubanks as he discusses music, the trumpet and Jazz legends.


Fanatic Heart: The Story So Far Of Black 47 (Dir: Stephanie Silber & Victor Ziemt, 88min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @6pm
A riveting journey that charts the career of the legendary and extremely political band from the bars of the Bronx to national fame.


Far From The Tree (Dir: Dave Thomas, 16min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @2pm A strained relationship between a mother and her teenage son as she struggles to come to terms with her past.

Father Daughter Dance (Dir: Mark Poirier, 16min, USA) - DMAC, Sat 11.4 @12pm His wife has recently found Jesus, his daughter is about to become a woman, and Lee feels like an interloper in his own life.


First Lady Of The Revolution (Dir: Andrea Kalin, 71min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @4pm
The remarkable story of Henrietta Boggs, who fell in love with a foreign land and the man destined to transform its identity.


Fitzgerald (Dir: Josh Kirkland, 13min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am
Years after the end of their relationship, a famous photographer is visited by an enigmat- ic woman who changes his life forever.


Flown (Dir: Mark Blumberg, 21 min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @10am
A former astronaut’s adjustment to civilian life is upended by the death of a young test pilot.


Food City: Feast Of The Five Boroughs (Dir: Matthew Fleischmann & Lars Fuchs, 20min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @4pm
Matt & Lars attempt to serve a 4-course meal using only ingredients that are farmed, fished, or foraged from within New York City.


Four Bottles (Dir: John Painz, 83min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @8pm
Stacy visits four friends for advice, only to find out they all have their own problems... and it’s all they want to talk about.


Free Speech Fear Free (Dir: Tarquin Ramsay, 80min, Luxembourg) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @6pm

Free Speech Fear Free gets to the core of what free speech really is, and the impact it has on our day to day lives.


Gears (Dir: Steven Miosku, 19min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Wed 11.8 @6:30pm
After a near-fatal accident, a single father tries to decipher the strange gears he begins finding throughout his home.

Ghosts Of New York (Dir: Brad Robinson, 7min, USA) - DMAC, Sun 11.5 @2pm Soon after Jane’s arrival in the city, she begins to see people she thinks she knows from her past.


Giselle (Dir: Severine Reisp, 23min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @6pm
A modern narrative adaptation of the ballet Giselle, combining cutting edge choreogra- phies with social and political topics.


God’s Country (Dir: Alex Kuciw, 19min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @2pm Living on acres of isolated farmland, a young housewife is pushed to the brink with no way out.


Goldfish (Dir: Scott Alexander Naar, 16min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am Joan is trapped in her own life taking care of Felix, her handicapped and hard to deal with husband.


Guardian Angelfield (Dir: Liam McKiernan, 4min, USA) - DMAC, Wed 11.8 @6:30pm A man gets a new guardian angel in the form of a miniature Rodney Dangerfield.


Halina (Dir: Xueni Yang, 15min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @6pm
A girl who wants to be a pianist suddenly loses her hearing and gives up on her dream until, a music producer helps bring her back.


Hamadryad (Dir: Nancy Allison & Paul Allman, 9min, USA) - DMAC, Sun 11.5 @12pm A dancer, or perhaps a wood nymph, rehearses alone in a New York studio enchanting herself back into the forest.


Hand-Cut (Dir: Griffin Hammond, 5min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Fri 11.3 @7:30pm
From chainsaw to cocktail, this beautiful documentary tracks the journey of clear, artisan ice into the hands of NYC bartenders.


Her Magnum Opus (Dir: Marta Renzi, 62min, USA) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @12:30pm A circle of friends gather to celebrate their mentor and learn that what lasts is those you leave behind.


His World (Dir: Daewon Kim, 10min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @10am
The life of mentally disable child is difficult because of misunderstanding and miscom- munication with other people.


Hold Your Arms Out (Dir: Sarah Sellman, 19 min, USA) - DMAC, Sun 11.5 @2pm Three characters search for solutions to impossible problems in a short exploration of the tiny ways we help one another.


Idol Worship (Dir: Devin Klos, 50min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Tue 11.7 @6:30pm
An archeologist returns home thinking he made a big discovery. However, everything he finds out might change his life forever.


In Traverse (Dir: Daniel Yankiver, 5min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @2pm
A visual duet that displays a universal yet personal quest for fulfillment, portraying a separate yet parallel journeys.


Inside Out (Dir: Rebecca Nyahay & Raushanah Simmons, 9min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @7pm
Because what you see isn’t always what they get.


Ivy (Dir: Itai Guberman, 15min, Australia) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @4pm
A short psychological horror-thriller about a man’s struggle to come to grips with his deteriorating mental state.


Junior (Dir: Pearl Gluck, 28min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @12pm
A mother struggles with a new normal after her son is shot by an off-duty police officer.


Kinderwald (Dir: Lise Raven, 87min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @12pm
Two small boys vanish into the mountains in 1854, and their return becomes a brutal test of faith for their parents.


Laura Gets A Cat (Dir: Michael Ferrell, 83min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @12pm Laura, an unemployed writer, tries to juggle an unexciting boyfriend, an affair with a per- formance artist, and a vivid imaginary life.


Leaves Of Fall (Dir: Marc Wiskemann, 3min , USA) - DMAC Theater, Fri 11.3 @7:30pm

Even a man made of metal and wire feels the effects of time on his heart.


Leaving Malcolm (Dir: Lucas Ruderman, 33 min, USA) - DMAC, Sun 11.5 @10am It will take Oliver’s genuine heart and the wisdom of his unlikely imaginary friend to show Mac what being a father is really about.


Lilly Hits The Road (Dir: Xtine Cook, 5min, Canada) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @10am Lilly, a 10 foot tall orange monster, and her friend Fluffle are abducted by aliens. and desperately try o return home in the nick of time.


Lilly’s Secret (Dir: Emanuele Michetti, 10min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @2pm Lilly lives a seemingly happy life, but she feels empty and out of place. She now has to make a choice that will change her life forever.


Little Disappointment (Dir: Laura Allen, 3min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @6pm A desperate man contemplates the hypocrisy of modern society, while taking measures into his own hands.


Little Shimajiro (Dir: Isamu Hirabayashi, 9 min, Japan) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @10am A mischievous boy falls into a hole in the forrest, a the kindness of his rescue leads him to find kindness within himself.


Make Up Your Mind (Dir: Miriam Fox, 3min, UK) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @2pm A visual stream of consciousness exploring the mental and emotional trials of being a modern young adult.

Martin’s Hagge (Dir: Penny Eizenga, 20min, Canada) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @2pm Martin is nudged from his melancholy by a spunky, but wise co-worker.


Me Two (Dir: Ben Fraternale, 12min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @2pm

It’s amazing what life is like without the burden of routine tasks, thanks to a remarkable product of cutting-edge engineering.


Memories Of Summer (Dir: Adam Guzinski, 87min, Poland) - DMAC, Sat 11.4 @4pm Entangled in the adult world, a 12 year old’s relationship with his mother gets complicat- ed, especially when his father gets home.


Men Of Straw (Dir: Matt Sullivan, 20min, Ireland) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @6pm
An Irish family strive to continue an ancient custom in a world where novelty and in- trigue have been replaced with instant gratification.


Mr. Muay Thai Nation (Dir: Rishi Gandhi, 12 min, USA) - DMAC, Wed 11.8 @6:30pm Greg Melia prepares for the toughest fight of his amateur Muay Thai kickboxing career as his love of family drives him forward.


Mother’s Fears (Dir: Shereen Williams, 15min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @10am
A participatory documentary that interviews three diverse women with male children of color living in America.


Mountains (Dir: Laurie Berghaus, 4min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @7pm

In this psychedelic, awe-inspiring, and dance-filled music video “Mountains,” explore a new world that will leave you wanting more.


My Brother’s Voice (Dir: Andrea Bersani, 72min, Italy) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @2pm A 5-year-old girl and her little sister never met their older brother, until a dozen of old videotapes are retrieved from an old wardrobe.


Oaks & Willows (Dir: Tatiana Green & Nazar Melconian, 4min, Canada) - DMAC The- ater, Sun 11.5 @2pm
This was created as a kind of send-off for those lingering feelings of sadness in order to let us move forward with new love in our hearts.


Octavius 4 Hack Attack (Dir: James Baras-Miller, 5min, Australia) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @10am
A car out of control, a teddy on a crime spree and only one cop can save Bearton.


Once Upon A Dream (Dir: Anthony Nion, 13min, Belgium) Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @4pm When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she’s the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks... Literally.


Peer Review (Dir: Courtney Ulrich, 11min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @2pm What happens when your first adult report card arrives, when you least expect it?


Permanent (Dir: Colette Burson, 95 min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Fri 11.3 @7:30pm
It’s the early 80’s in a small town and “Perms” are in. This is a story about adolescence, socially awkward family members and bad hair.


Remember When (Dir: Gina Iaciofano, 13min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @7pm Old friends get together and can no longer can change their past. They raise the ques- tion, can you live with that?


Reunion (Dir: Megan Lohne, 9min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @8pm
A colorful animal medium works his magic on grieving pet parents. A bumpy reunion ensues.


Songs Of The Underworld (Dir: Nicola Hepp, 6min, Netherlands) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @2pm
Bittersweet, almost tangible remembrance of times past. A man remembering his wife. A film about aging, loneliness and loss.


Sneaky (Dir: Matt Sadowski, 7min, Canada) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @10am
Young love blossoms between two teenagers as they put up posters to find a missing cat.


Sticks (Dir: Mark J. Parker, 17min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Wed 11.8 @8pm
As friends tell scary stories around a campfire, imagination and reality blurs and they get the feeling they may not be alone.

Story Of Self (Dir: Set Hernandez Rongkilyo, 3min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @4pm What does it mean to have a story, when you are undocumented?


Sundown (Dir: Brendan Boogie, 96min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @6pm
A free spirited gambler is forced to step up when he returns home to help as his father slips further into dementia.


That Your Body Is For Receiving Happiness And Good Stuff (Dir: Anna Blum, 13 min, USA) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @4pm
A boy nervously awaits the arrival of the prom date, he found on Tinder, but finds him- self connecting with her mother.


The Bake Sale (Dir: Susan Skoog, 22min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @2pm
Debra aggravates her bake sale co-chair Cyndi to the brink of fisticuffs when Debra gets a call that her mammogram is positive


The Cat (Dir: Adrian Burt, 11min, Sweden) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @4pm
An ageing man is having a very bad day, and ends up taking out his frustrations on his next door neighbour and her precious Cat.


The Elysian Field (Dir: Jon Leyton, 18min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Mon 11.6 @7pm An untraditional love story set in segregated middle America in the early 1960’s.


The Jacket (Dir: Sergio Vaccaro, 16min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Wed 11.8 @8pm
A reclusive man named Vincent is on a journey to reach out to a woman he fell for after finding, what he believes, is her lost jacket.

The Lavender Scare (Dir: Josh Howard, 76min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @12pm Tens of thousands of gay men and lesbians are fired from their jobs by the government to rid the federal workforce of homosexuals.


The Owl And The Lemming (Dir: Roselynn Akulukjuk, 3min, Canada) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @10am
The oral history of Inuit is filled with many folktales, legends, and myths. In this tradition- al story, a young owl catches a lemming to eat.


The Stronger (Dir: Gabrielle Lansner, 10Min, USA) DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @4pm
An emotional and psychological journey unfolds as we are drawn into the interior worlds of two women in love with the same man.


The Tables (Dir: Jon Bunning, 15min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @4pm
The powerful connection between a pair of outdoor ping pong tables in NYC and the unlikely group of people they’ve brought together.


The Triplets Of Kings County And The Quest For Truth (Dir: Nick McCann, 12min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @2pm
Identical 18 year old triplets (played by non-identical actors in their thirties) on their misadventures in a haunted version of Brooklyn.


This Is That Night (Dir: Matt Braunsdorf, 14min, USA) -DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @2pm A fourth date couldn’t be going better, but when one of the parties points that out the self-awareness sets in and all bets are off.


Time Is The Longest Distance (Dir: Bryan Powers, 15min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Wed 11.8 @6:30pm
About the importance of familial love and acceptance through the story of three gener- ations of men.


To The Moon (Dir: Matt Maraynes, 16min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Wed 11.8 @8pm
A down on his luck drunk gets in a car and finds that the only way to redeem himself is to complete a mission to the moon.


Triangle (Dir: Christopher Fox, 12 min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Wed 11.8 @8pm
The story of a man who wakes up dumbfounded and confused, he begins his journey back to the only place he thinks is home.


Voidgirl (Dir: Brendan Cook, 28min, USA) - Theater 9, Sun 11.5 @4pm
Two broken people come together and try to fix each other, but their ideas of what a ‘fix’ is are entirely different.


Vows (Dir: Mark McKinsey, 5min, USA) - DMAC Theater, Sun 11.5 @10am
The story of a man on one of the biggest days of his life - he is incredibly excited, but is suddenly reminded of a deep sadness.


Walter (Dir: Dave Wade, 10min, Australia) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @8pm Traveling through a small town in 1969, two hippies accidentally run over a small dog belonging to a family of proud war veterans.

Way Home (Dir: Maksim Smirnov, 28min, Russia) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @2pm Evgeny Solovyov, a former police officer and veteran organized a house that combines nursing home, hospice, substance abuse center.


We The People (Dir: Faith Liu, 10min, USA) - Theater 9, Sat 11.4 @10am
Seven Americans - six of them naturalized citizens - share why they choose to make the U.S. their home.”


What Could Have Been (Dir: Hanna Nordenswan, 12min, Finland) - DMAC Theater, Sat 11.4 @10am
Through the heartbreak of a daughter, the film dives into the past relationships and loves of her father and grandfather.

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