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YoFiFest takes the selection process very seriously and is careful to ensure that each movie is reviewed by the screenings committee and programmer, in its entirety, at least three times. We are filmmakers ourselves, and we understand and respect the amount of hard work put into each film. 100% of the films played at our YoFiFest 2021 festival were films selected from FilmFreeway submissions. Out of fairness to all filmmakers who submit to the festival, we don't offer any fee waivers.



For our 10th Anniversary, we have more prizes than ever before! 
All selected films are eligible to be nomintated by our jury to receive Best of the Fest Awards in the following categories:

Best Short Narrative Film 
Best Short Documentary Film 
Best Local Short Film 
Best Narrative Feature 
Best Documentary Feature

Best of the Fest recipients will be chosen by a select panel of Judges, all of whom are filmmakers or industry professionals.

Prizes will be announced shortly. Please follow us on social media @yofifest or visit for the most up to date info.


All selected films are eligible. One film from each award category will be the Audience Choice Awards Recipient and one film from each award category will be an Audience Choice Awards Honorable Mention. 

Every audience member can vote, whether in person or online.

Comedy Short 
Dramatic Short 
Animated Short 
Documentary Short 
Local Short 
Short Short 
Student Short 
International Short 
Narrative Feature 
Documentary Feature

Like we said, we love filmmakers and want everyone to have a great time! However, we do need a few rules to help us best organize and utilize our dedicated and awesome YoFiFest team. 

These regulations apply to all sections and submissions: 
• YoFi Fest is open to anyone who wishes to enter. 
• Please submit as early as possible. Just makes things easier all around. 
• YoFi Fest is an eco-friendly festival, so to reduce waste and environmental impact films must be submitted digitally. 
• All films must be in English or with English subtitles. 
• In our experience, Vimeo screeners have the best HD playback, and are preferred over FilmFreeway’s video uploads by our screening team. 
• YoFiFest is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and therefore we are unable to offer fee waivers under any circumstance. Entry fees support the various event costs (venues, supplies, events, promotional material, online platform etc.) Thank you for your understanding.
• YoFiFest does not consider films that require SCREENING/RENTAL FEES and DOES NOT PAY SCREENING or LICENSING FEES for submitted films. 
• By submitting your film, you acknowledge that the festival will not pay you to present your work. 
• Filmmakers accepted and attending the Festival are responsible for travel and all other expenses. Under normal circumstances, there are a limited number of complimentary rooms available at our hosts private homes for our international and out of town guests and local airbnb and hotel discounts available with prior arrangement. This year being a pandemic, those rooms may not be available. 
• If accepted, filmmakers are expected to assist the Festival in the promotion of their screening.. 
• All films submitted must be free from any legal disputes and it is the sole responsibility of the filmmaker to have cleared all rights and releases for exhibition (including music, audio, images, graphics, trademarked images, etc.) 
• Only the submitted version of the film may be considered, and swapping it out for alternate cuts is not possible, so please keep this in mind when deciding when to submit. 
• If your film is selected, then you will be asked to provide digital stills from the film, press materials, promo clips and video trailer (if available). Please make sure all assets are current and uploaded to your FilmFreeway account if possible. 
• Once accepted, all student films must provide a copy of the entrants current student ID or student ID from the year the film was made. 
• By submitting your film, you grant YoFiFest the nonexclusive right to use footage, stills and/or titles and information from the film, as well as your name, photograph, and likeness in connection with any and all publicity and promotional activities regarding YoFi Fest prior to, during, and/or after the festival. 
• YoFiFest may use images, sounds and excerpts from the films for promotional purposes in all media including the website and may present accepted films at any 2018 YoFiFest event. 
• Please note that materials, drives, discs, etc. cannot be returned under any circumstances. Please DO NOT send film prints, master tapes, primary hard drives, DVD Masters or other irreplaceable original media. 
• YoFiFest is not responsible for any materials that are lost or damaged. 
• The entrant shall release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless YoFiFest, and its agents, respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, contractors, partners, sponsors, and volunteers from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including, without limitations, attorneys' fees). 
• The entrant warrants that he/she is the sole and exclusive owner(s) of all legal right and title thereto have absolute authority to submit the enclosed material to YoFiFest. 
• By entering, the applicant agrees that all information is true and correct and agrees to all festival rules and guidelines. 

• While we are hopeful and optimistic we will be able to present a live component of YoFiFest 2022, we will continue to follow all NY State guidelines, rules and laws to make this a fabulous and safe festival for all. To this end, all plans are subject to change as new information evolves.

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